Repair your vehicle for NCT

At AutoRestorers & Repairs LTD. we are best known for attention to detail, fast turn around and high quality of work. If your vehicle failed it’s NCT due to rust or corrosion you can call in and we’ll have it repaired!

What is the cause of Rust and Corrosion?

Rust develops when iron reacts with oxygen and water. The oxidising appears as a reddish-brown coat that can lead to corrosion. This damage usually happens in cars because of a combination of factors like Climate, Age, Materials and Driving Style.

Any primary structure affected by advance or extensive corrosion will fail the NCT as any weakness in the primary structure of the vehicle could affect the integrity of the vehicle.

AutoRestorers & Repairs LTD.

All makes and models of cars and vans up to light commercial vehicles repaired.